Now offering 'Business Insights' as a Service (Pay as you go)

Benefits of Simple Analytics
Increased Visibility
Data-Driven culture
Effeciently manage your teams
Increased Revenue, Improved Customer Experience
Sales process optimization
We offer high-quality analytics, which is 'SIMPLE' and 'COST-EFFECTIVE'
Our Story

Data is fast becoming an organisation's most valuable asset. Yet so many businesses' are still using unreliable information, gut feeling to make key business, We are here to change this.  

Our Vision

To build data-driven solutions across organisations which is simple and cost-effective. 

Technology & Services

Microsoft Power BI

Azure SQL
'Data-Driven' Consulting

Commercial Operations


How does it work?

Step 1: Free Online Demo

The demo solution is based on a

  • Sample retail company

  • Multiple locations around NZ

  • Multi-Product categories

Step 2: Free Consultation

Demo includes:

  • Power BI Solution

  • Data Strategy Report

  • Next steps and I.T. Discussion

Step 3: Contract

  • Contract

  • Pricing on Negotiation

Base Pricing coming soon

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Simple Analytics
We support SME and Large organisations