Creating the perfect Power BI landing page. Embedding Analytics with UI/UX framework

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Every analyst has been guilty of providing an overcomplex report in the past. While we shine in the technical aspect of numbers. Analytics has truly become multidisciplinary.

Encapsulating commercial acumen, statistical knowledge and a range of different skills have become an integral part of the job.

In this article, I will cover some of my learnings on bringing numbers more to life for the user.

Providing self-service analytics and empowering your readers with insights truly takes a new height with following some basic principles.

No Need to reinvent the wheel

There are plenty of great websites and apps out there, Leveraging these learnings are often quite easy and counter-intuitive.

Use a Menu Icon A traditional hamburger menu works wonders, You can store a range of different items within your menu including filters, bookmarks, etc.

Branding & Header

Use branding and a header box with the background colour of your choice

A traditional one on a white background is hex code #F4F4F4 which is a subtle grey but any colour would do as long as it's not too sharp or bright.

This is the best way to separate the report numbers.

Create a smart and simple banner

Introduce your users to the numbers with some sharp key highlights. These are also good for creating the mobile version of the reports.

Content Page

The content area is your free zone, Make sure they are well placed across the screen and think about your audience's needs.

Building the interactive element of Power BI within the content area is usually a key and what will separate you apart. Allowing your users to truly dive into the numbers

from drill throughs, QnA. page navigation. Take them with you on this journey.

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