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Power BI to help drive SLA's

Aquaheat is an NZ based HVAC / mechanical services contractor. They are an industry leader in this space operating in New Zealand and Fiji,

Managing over a 1000 contractors, SLA's and a wide range of jobs, Aquaheat's operations team were spending hours trying to manipulate data in excel and creating ad hoc reporting resulting in missed SLA's & inefficiencies.

During the initial discussion with the operations manager, it was quite clear that the business has been growing which created more work for the admin team in terms of job logging, reporting, etc.

While they have been completing these tasks manually before it was eminent it was getting out of hand. Another key issue highlighted was "Too much time spent manipulating data, No time to understand what's happening"


Our immediate goal, while working on the solution was to have an efficient data prep model which would collect, clean and store the data into a structured format without much effort. Used Cloud and Power Query.
After achieving the first goal we had then delivered a Power BI Reporting solution allowing the business to step into its next phase of growth.


  • Interactive PowerBI dashboards enabled the operations team to spend more time consuming the data. This allowed the team in becoming more proactive than reactive

  • Automated data flows meant no time was spent anymore manipulating data.

  • With a reliable and scalable solution, the business was able to spend more time exploring different ideas, testing them with relative ease and becoming Data-Driven